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Hive Thermostat Mini

The next generation of smart heating is here. The Hive Thermostat Mini is smaller, sleeker and has all the benefits of smart heating, at an even more affordable price.

With features like instant alerts, frost protection, geolocation and holiday mode, the Hive Thermostat Mini can save you up to £311 per year⁽¹⁾. Also, with full control from the Hive app, you can manage your home's heating wherever you are.

Set schedules and boost your heating all from the Hive app – or just ask Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to do it for you. Then let Mini take care of the rest. If you need to, you can use its simplified controls to set the temperature and switch between modes.

Whether you’re a monochrome minimalist or a lover of colour, Mini’s simple design and reflective finish blends seamlessly with any interior style. And since it packs all its features into the Hive app, it’s smaller than our original Hive Thermostat too.


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