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Danfoss BFP 21 L3 Oil Pump

The Danfoss Oil Pump BFP21 L3 is designed for small and medium-sized domestic oil burners and will fit a multitude of oil burners.

The pump has the 2- pipe screw under the cover. Without the horse-shoe-shaped washer, the pump has been adjusted for 2-pipe operation. With the washer, the pump has been adjusted for 1-pipe operation.

The Diamond series pumps provide exceptional durability and quality, the diamond series pumps use diamond-like carbon technology. The Danfoss BFP 21 Diamond series oil pump is designed for use with kerosene or light oil for domestic applications.

  • Actuator type: NC
  • Fuel type: Kerosene/Light
  • Oil Capacity: 24 L/h Capacity
  • Range: 0-24 L/h
  • Definition point: 2800 min-1, 10bar 4.3 cSt
  • Coil consumption: 9W
  • Coil Voltage: 220-230V 
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