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Baxi 248000 washer - sealing 

This Baxi brand gasket is a spare part for use in Sirius FS, Sirius WH, Sirius SAT, Sirius 2 WH, Gold WH, Sirius 3 WH, Performa, Promax, Gold, Heatmax, Apollo, Titanium, Gold ErP, Promax ErP, Titanium ErP, Assure Range, Main Combi/ Combi HE, Main HE, Main Eco, Main Eco Elite, Main Eco Elite ErP, Main Eco Compact, Combi, System, Duo-tec, Megaflo, Platinum, System IE, Duo-tec ErP, Megaflo ErP, Platinum ErP, Megaflo IE ErP, Baxi 600 Range, Baxi 800 Range and Platinum + appliances.

O-rings, gaskets and washers are used in many different areas of the boiler to join parts to pipework. Among others sections, heat exchangers and gas valves require these parts to prevent gas and water leaks.

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