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Vaillant EcoTEC Plus 635 35KW System Boiler 0010036014

Smart home-ready system boiler will work alongside the new plug-and-play myVAILLANT connect internet gateway, meaning it will easily connect with most Vaillant controls and provide app connectivity within minutes.

Installation and servicing are also effortless thanks to Vaillant providing easy access to all major components within the boiler. The EcoTEC Plus also features a new intuitive semi-touch interface making first-time installation incredibly simple. As well as this, no additional parts are required for LPG conversions as this can all be completed within minutes using the new intuitive interface.

Vaillant is a brand known for its reliability and efficiency and the EcoTEC Plus is an example of this, featuring new IoniDETECT technology. This will allow the boiler to reach a wider modulation range of up to 1:10 providing you with the ultimate efficiency, helping you to save energy and lower utility bills. It is also suitable to work with a 20% hydrogen mix and will also provide accurate readings of flow rate and pressure differential thanks to LINbus technology.


Boiler Height = 720mm

Boiler Width = 440mm

Boiler Depth = 386mm

Extremely reliable and displaying all the in-built quality Vaillant is known for, the ecoTEC plus is clearly one of the best system solutions available today. Available in a range of power outputs, the ecoTEC plus has been remastered to create a stylish, modern and extremely efficient boiler, perfect for any home.


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